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Temple Micah Mishpacha!

Registration - Brit/Covenant - Tuition Worksheet


Mishpacha!  is a program for Temple Micah members only.  If you would like to participate in the program and become a member of Temple Micah, please fill out our membership application online (click on 'consider', and then 'membership' from

Participants in Family (Parents and Students K-7)

Contact Person(s) for Family

Tuition Worksheet:

Multiply the number of participants x $275 and enter your 

You will have the option on the next screen to pay in full or divide payment into 3 installments (choose from the drop down menu just below 'Tuition Total').  Your first payment is due by 9-4-18.  Your second payment is due by 10-2-18.  Final payments are due no later than 11-6-18.

Mishpacha! Brit/Covenant

2018-2019 Calendar

September 23:  3:00-5:30

October 14:  3:00-5:30

November 2-4:  Mishpacha! Retreat at Estes Park YMCA

December 2:  3:00-5:30

January 27:  3:00-5:30

February 24:  3:00-5:30

March 17:  3:00-5:30

April 7:  3:00-5:30

As a family we commit to full participation in the Mishpacha! program.  We understand full participation means:

  • We understand that we must be members in good standing of Temple Micah to participate in the Mishpacha! program.
  • Attending all Seven (7) Family Sessions
  • Attending the Mishpacha! Retreat November 2-4
  • Completion of the 1 hour a month Family Time Learnings (FTL)
  • Approach all of these Mishpacha! opportunities with an open mind, a readiness to participate and a commitment to offering constructive feedback about the program
  • Payment of Mishpacha! Tuition as determined in the tuition worksheet and schedule


Family Participant's typed names below indicate their signature and agreement:

Contact us with any questions:

Temple Micah Mishpacha!

5209 Montview Blvd.  Denver, CO  80207

Sun, September 15 2019 15 Elul 5779