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Mishpacha! Module Registration 5781

Mishpacha! Module Virtual 5781 Program Registration

Denver, Colorado’s Temple Micah is excited to offer a menu of virtual educational opportunities for your family to choose from for the 5781 school year. 

Since everyone is looking for something a bit different, select the programs that best fit your family’s needs!  Take a look at all of your options below!

Family Member Registration

Introduce us to your family! We'd love to get to know you!  What's your favorite activity to participate in as a family?  Favorite meal to eat as a family?  How long have you been in the Mishpacha! program?  What are you most excited to do and learn in Mishpacha! this year?  And anything else you'd like to share!
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Family Photo (not required)
Please provide the following information for each parent participating with your family.
Parent 1 (primary contact)
Parent 2

Please provide the following information for each child participating with your family.

(Note: If your family has more than 3 children participating this year, please contact us to register your family on our Larger Family Form.)
Student 1
Student 2
Student 3
Mishpacha Course Selection - Build Your Experience

Please select which modules your family will be participating in. View our complete list of courses and descriptions here.
We're so excited to join in the Mishpacha! Module meetings every other Sunday for 40 minutes and agree to the $600 charge per family.

Add-On Modules
$100 per household
Please provide names.
$120 per person
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$150 per person
Please provide names.

$175 per person
Please provide names.

$190 per person
Please provide names.
Wed, October 27 2021 21 Cheshvan 5782